Monday, May 30, 2005

ThE bUrBs BlUeS

I honestly don't know how people live like this ALL the time. I'm already feeling stir crazy. I know just how the cat fricking feels...being locked up in this house, too scared to venture outside for fear of being personal space,no vines to look upon...just neighbours on both sides and at the back and across the road. Can't just pop out the back in me undies anymore for a quick ciggy...fuck, if I were to do that, neighbours on three sides would have heart attacks! *Sigh*

Bonus would be the re-introduction of the Postie! And junk mail...well, when it DOES finally arrive that is. I was under the impression it came on a Sunday,but I waited...and re checked the mail box...nothing. =(

So I (and I use the letter "I" significantly...'cos I'M the one who has done it all) finally emptied all the boxes...WOOOOOHOOOOO!!! The place has a semblance of normality to it now. You can actually walk through the place without tripping arse up over stuff. The only thing left to do is hang more pictures(when we find room for 'em), and to put out the ornaments(when we find room for 'em). Then it'll be onto the task of creating some space in the sheds and the battle with the over ladyboy...tho i must admit, the owners have done HEAPS, and there's now only a small area to be cleared. The landscaping they've done within a week is remarkable...sorta "Renovation Rescue" or "Backyard Blitz" just gotta keep it alive!

Have been unbeliveably tired....up uber early and to bed late. My feet are killing me. Get woken early by fucking blackbirds at the window carrying on like pork chops at the cat peering out at them. Got a darling pair of Willy Wagtails making a perfect nest out of spiders web under the back verandah, they're not scared of us at all. They're funny to watch. So much bird life here, and they appear to be very tame.

Baxter and Smokey have settled in quite well considering. Baxters got his once a week spew-fest happening today but....stinky farts too. So he can stay out tonight...quite mild here anyway. Bax at first thought DBoy's dogs would be here....thought we were just visiting, then realised pretty quick that no, we were infact staying. Smokey has not been too bad, other than wanting to go out, but once she has gone outside, she dashes back in again when she hears anyone or dogs barking. The old guy next door has a habit of hurling and coughing his guts up quite regularly....she doesn't like sleep assault at all! Rofl....

Magnaboy is tired...but on a bright side, he had a job interview today at Flinders Medical Centre for a very different job. Don't know the right terminology for the job description, but it's cleaning all the medical equipment stuff....from normal stuff to gear that's worth thousands of dollars. Anyhoo, one good thing going for him, was that the medical he had to have was performed by the wife of the mate of his who committed suicide earlier this year. Reckon she will give him a good word....lets hope so hey. He 'aint coping too well with this shift work no more.

Am heading back to McLaren Flat do the final cleaning and to drop off the boxes to our old Landlords for safe keeping...just incase. Will be sad to say goodbye to our lovely old "Bon-View". *Sigh*