Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MaGnAbOy To Do ThE wAsHiNg Up....

In a hospital no less! Yep....Magnaboy got the job at Flinders Hospital, in the "Sterilization Unit". Sooooooo stoked right now, you have no idea! He's happy, therefore I'm happy-ier! He's been so fucking depressed lately,and well.....with me also being down in the dumps, it's not been a very happy coupledom. So, in two weeks he starts the new job. He gave the Security company notice today, but still obviously has to finish his teens for cash for the next week or two. But I'd say that now he has this job to look forward to, he will be alot better in himself.

This fucking torrential rain Adelaide has been having is starting to piss me right off. I know, I know....only a few months ago I was whinging that we had NO squirting...but ffs...enuff is ENUFF! The back verandah here is totally un-waterproof...leaks like a fucking sieve. Baxters bed and all the door mats, all our shoes were completely soaked. And FordaBella has a nice leak, so I have discovered....fuckit. So under the carport she had to go. We did have stuff stored under there, but had to move it to accomodate the Ute. She is stinky now.... =(

Had a visit from the Landlord yesterday, he came to put up a bracket for the dryer to go in the think the toilet is the smallest room in the house, until you see our laundrey! Anyhoo....he praised how the place was looking, and said he has got on to a builder about the back area to be fixed...A-fucking-men.

Wanna see some pic's of Sydney? Well, hop on over to my Lovely Niecey's Bloggy ,she is now living there with a fellow BeautUter, and has taken some uber(fuck I'm using that word alot) kool pic's of Sydney's sites.

Eh, gotta go......need nicotine.